Appointed year task planner review, 2021/2022 edition

It’s time for an Appointed year task planner review (2021/2022 edition). Check the video here! Appointed is an American company and they create beautiful paper products to help you spark creativity and put your best foot forward, according to their website. And yes, I was blown away by the design of their products which are presented very nicely. The clean and simplistic vibe caught my attention immediately. The products themselves seem to be very well made and designed. 

I understand that planners are very personal. Our brains work differently and we all have specific planning needs. That’s why I want to share this very in depth review of the year task planner by Appointed. I hope my experience will help you either find the best planner, or save you some money. Because they’re pretty pricey and I am here to give you my honest opinion on whether the Appointed year task planner is worth your hard earned money, let’s go!

Appointed year task planner review
Appointed year task planner

Product: Year task planner in lavender gray, 2021 edition. The design seems to be unchanged for 2022.

Brand: Appointed

Rating: 6

Promise: ‘The signature Appointed planner that started it all. The Year Task Planner is back for the 2022 calendar year. Featuring a multi-view spread with a weekly overview and a full page for list-making & note-taking, laminated tabs for easy navigation, and bound in our durable cotton book cloth. Ideal for professionals & designers as well as students & parents, the Year Task Planner brings style & structure to your everyday plans,’ according to the Appointed website.

Features: Water-resistant book cloth cover, smooth premium 70# text-weight stock, laminated monthly tabs, foil stamped cover and brass wire-o binding.

Price: $38,00 or about €32,84 in Europe depending on the currency (and shipping costs).

Where to buy: For Europe at Nordstrom and the Appointed website. Resellers for the Netherlands and Europe were hard to find during my search last year.

year task planner by appointed

Why I bought it

I saw Anna from The Anna edit using this planner and raving about it in one of her videos. The planner looks beautiful and handy. I fell in love with the minimal aesthetic and design. I thought this would be the perfect planner for a business owner like me. The planner looks very ‘grown up’ and I wanted to try something else after using Moleskine and Leuchtturm planners for years. My brain works better when I can create a visual overview of all my tasks and appointments. I like knowing where everything goes and where to find it. It seemed like this planner would give me all that and more.

laminated monthly tabs
appointed monthly overview


The planner looks very nice, clean and simplistic. The designs for the pages look very spacious and well structured. The year task planner by Appointed has a very clear setup. It has a year overview, conversion chart, a space for your monthly goals, a month spread including key holidays, a week & tasks spread and a page for notes at the end of each month. Bullet journalers will probably recognize that it’s (kind of) set up like the bullet journal system by Ryder Carroll. It’s basically a pre-printed bullet journal in my opinion.

Year overview

I like the spacious setup of the pages because it works well for my brain. If pages have unnecessary decorations or segments that I don’t use, my brain starts having trouble focusing. What I like about this planner is that every month starts with space for your monthly goals and important dates. It’s a nice way to prioritize or set an intention for the upcoming month. I also like the monthly calendar for overview, although I didn’t get to use it during the lockdowns.

Weekly planner
note page

There’s also enough space for weekly priorities, tasks and notes if you don’t have too much going on. I also like the laminated monthly tabs for quickly going back and forth in your planner. Paper quality is also very important and I do like the paper they used for the year task planner. The paper is smooth, easy to write on and most inks I’ve tried dried up quickly. I used a fountain pen, a regular rollerball pen, gel pens and markers. I haven’t noticed any gosthing or bleeding. Pens and markers only shine through a little bit when you hold the pages against the light.

Appointed year overview


The quality of the cover is quite poor in my opinion. Yes, it looks nice but after every trip to the office the corners look worse. They bend quite fast and I think that the year task planner by Appointed is too expensive to have such poor quality covers. I used this planner during the lockdowns in the Netherlands, so trips to the office were scarce. The few trips I did take damaged the covers enough for me to know this planner wouldn’t survive a normal year of daily travel in my Fjällräven Kanken backpack.

Weekly planner
Appointed year task planner 2022

When you open the planner there’s no place to write down your name, address or phone number in case you lose your planner. I love the less is more concept, but this bothers me a lot! To me a planner is my second brain, so if I were to lose it I need to get it back asap! But if the person who finds it doesn’t know to whom it should be returned, your planner will be lost forever. Yes, you can add your name and address to the planner yourself, but that could look ugly in a pretty designed planner like this. So when it comes to the design, I think they should have incorporated a space for contact information. 

monthly goals setup

When it comes to the design, I think the year task planner by Appointed is perfect for people who don’t have too many daily appointments. As you can see in the pictures there are only five rules per day. So only five appointments can be written down before you have to find another place to write down meetings and such. It ruins having a great overview of your daily appointments. I have busy days and often have more than five appointments. This means I record my morning appointments in the year task planner by Appointed and use my Google calendar for the ones in the afternoon. Yes, that is very annoying.

There are two more design flaws I found and yes, I’m being picky. The brass wire doesn’t match the gold shade they used for the foil stamped title on the cover. I know, haha! But design ‘flaws’ like that can bother me a lot. 

Appointed weekly overview

The verdict

The year task planner by Appointed looks beautiful. However, I have to be honest and say it’s way too expensive for what you get in my opinion. I think you can get yourself a better designed and sturdier planner for less money. In this case, I really think you’re paying for the brand name and the aesthetic. There’s nothing wrong with that but if you’re a heavy duty planner like me, the year task planner by Appointed simply won’t cut it.

This planner has too much space for priorities, tasks and notes for my planning style. As an entrepreneur I need more space for all my appointments. The year task planner by Appointed simply doesn’t have room for that. If you travel a lot, this planner won’t last very long. I’d go for a hard cover planner with a sturdy exterior.

Appointed planner review

Would I buy the Appointed year task planner again? Absolutely not! I love the style, design and aesthetic, but this planner doesn’t fit my life or planning style. That’s why I’m better off with a bullet journal I can customize, or one of my favorite planners by Moleskine or Leuchtturm. If you have a different job or lifestyle with less appointments, this planner would probably suffice. Leave it at home and it will be the shining star at your desk.

I hope this Appointed year task planner review helps you figure out if this is the planner for you. Feel free to ask me questions or drop your own experiences in a comment down below. Your review based on your planning style will help others figure out if the Appointed year task planner is the right choice for the coming year.

Keep planning,


P.S. You can find journal with me videos over here.

Appointed year task planner lavender gray
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