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If you’re done with living by the rules and ready to live your True Life, then you are most welcome in our safe and private online clubhouse!

This is where you learn how to utilize personal growth and design your True Life: The life you actually want to live because it’s completely designed by you!

Find out who you truly are and what you really want. Say goodbye to living by ‘the rules’ and get practical with our tips and tricks. 

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The clubhouse is open 24/7, there's always someone to talk to.

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Our Mission

Team True Life provides a safe and private online clubhouse, where everyone interested in personal growth is welcome.

We are here for people who haven’t found their place in the world yet. People who  create their own True Life.

Which is awesome!

However, the path to your True Life can be challenging and you might feel a bit lonely at times. That’s why Team True Life opened the clubhouse. You are never alone during your personal growth journey when you connect with our members.

Gift yourself a membership, you know you deserve it!

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