Unboxing the Archer And Olive Friday 13th mystery box

Hello my little sugar snookemsie, welcome to my first Archer and Olive unboxing video. I’ve never owned anything from Archer and Olive before. So when the Archer and Olive Friday 13th mystery box was released, I knew I had to get one. Buying a mystery box is a good way to explore this brand and their products. Especially since Archer and Olive is pretty expensive in the Netherlands (in my opinion).

One of their journals can easily cost you about €35 in the Netherlands, that’s a lot of money! While their average journal in dollars is only $32, which should be about €27 in euros. The Archer and Olive Friday 13th mystery box cost me €83,95 ($175,54 in value) and I got four journals out of that box. I mean, that’s a good deal isn’t it? Check the video to see all of the journals I got in this box. I ended up getting a lot of journals for a very low price per piece.

Will I buy another Archer and Olive mystery bundle in the future? I don’t think I will anytime soon, because I quickly realized their journals might not be the best choice for me. First off, the journals are pretty pricey in the Netherlands and buying them from the United States is even more expensive. I’ve also noticed that I miss a few things like an index and page numbers which I do have in my Leuchtturm journal. 

However, I have yet to create my first spread in one of my new Archer and Olive journals. I’ll keep my thoughts to myself until I’ve really tried their journals for a few months. After that, you can expect a full review like the one I did about my Leuchtturm journal. I hope you’ll enjoy this Archer and Olive Friday 13th mystery box video. I’m very curious to hear what you got in yours, so do let me know in the comments.

Live your True Life and I’ll see you next time,


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