Frequently Asked Questions

Who created my true life?

Kaya-Quintana created My True Life because she wanted to provide more value for her blog readers and Youtube subscribers. Turns out, there are even more people who enjoy the clubhouse. Now it’s open for everyone.

Why should i become a member?

You should only become a member if you need what our clubhouse offers: Friendship, support, new knowledge and entertainment. A place to be when you have no where else to go, even if it’s just for a little while.

What is mytruelife.nl

My True Life is an online clubhouse for people all over the world. It’s a safe and private online community for people who haven’t found their place in the world yet.

What kind of content can I expect

Our members are all about creating their own true life. If you’re also done living by ‘the rules’ and ready to break free, you will love our content on: Self care, motivation, minimalism, mental health and a healthy lifestyle. 

What can i do in the clubhouse?

The clubhouse contains a forum you can use to connect with other members. We offer exclusive content like articles and videos you can’t find anywhere else. You can also follow online courses to learn new skills and discover your passions. 

Why do i have to pay for a membership?

To keep offering the best experience and the requested exclusive content, we have to ask our members to invest in our team. That’s how we keep the lights on, because hanging out in the dark isn’t as fun as it seems.

We also want to keep a close eye on who enters the clubhouse, as we strive to create a safe and private clubhouse.

Can I request content or freebies?

Yes, our clubhouse members can request content and freebies. For example: If enough members want an online course on handlettering or a home workout, we create it. Power to the people!

Can I advertise on my true life?

Yes, you can send an email to hello@mytruelife.nl with your ideas. Keep in mind that we only promote products that benefit our club members and fit the My True Life mission. Therefore you can put in your request, but we can also politely decline.

Can members get banned?

Yes, if a member puts other members or Team True Life in an uncomfortable position by not honoring the clubhouse code. Which includes using profanity, discrimination, racism, harassing and spamming.

How can I cancel my membership?

As a Clubhouse Cutie,  you can cancel it every month. A Clubhouse Chiller or Connoisseur can cancel a month before the next payment cycle starts. Otherwise the membership will automatically renew itself.

What happens when I get banned?

Depending on how serious your party pooper behavior was, you can get a temporary ban. Or we can cancel your membership permanently affective immediately. 

Why did the prices go up?

My True Life is always growing and developing. To keep the clubhouse experience absolutely fantastic, we sometimes have to raise the prices to cover all the investments we make. 

What is a founding member?

A founding member is a member that’s been in the clubhouse from the start. 

When do the prices go up?

If you are a (founding) member your membership price will not change, as long as you don’t cancel it. If you do decide to cancel your membership and buy a new one later, the current pricing applies. Which then might be a bit higher than before.

Why is My True Life private?

My True Life is different from other communities like Reddit and apps like Instagram, because our clubhouse is private. Only other members can see your posts and our exclusive content. Which allows you to talk about anything you want. What happens in the clubhouse, stays in the clubhouse.

What is the clubhouse code?

Every club has a code and this is ours: We do not discriminate, hate or harass other members. We do not accept racism or use profanity. Spamming is not allowed. We love all the colors of the rainbow and beyond. #equality

Why do you have a shop?

My True Life is an online clubhouse and a brand. Therefore we also sell items to our members and everyone else. However, less is more! We only sell products you can actually use to improve your daily life. #minimalism 

I have another question

Awesome, send us an email at hello@mytruelife.nl for an answer.

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